Frozen In Tyme

Welcome to Frozen In Tyme, a blog full of my private thoughts and the occasional reblog with which I identify or agree. I am an actor, a singer, and a writer. I’m not entirely sure what that means just at the moment, but that is what I am. I am an artist, I see the world through the lens of my own reality, as do you, as does everyone else in the world. I ride the roller-coaster that is life with eyes open, and a child-like wonder not often seen in others my own age. Ride with me? We can discover new things together as we go.


8 thoughts on “Frozen In Tyme

  1. godtisx says:

    They can never steal your “head.”

  2. mothermi6 says:

    I had emails fm a stalker-like person today & it is worrying because our blogs can be portals into our lives & emotions. I may need to know how to password protect posts myself if I feel psychologically invaded!

    • Tatiana says:

      Those can be really upsetting, I’m sorry. If you ever need to password protect your posts, you can do them individually (like I do) under the ‘visibility’ option in the publishing options on the right side of your ‘new post’ screen. Just select it and change the option from ‘public’ to ‘password protected.’ ^-^

      To do it after the fact, password protect your whole blog, you can select all of your posts, mass edit them, and set them all to ‘private.’

      Other options for you could be listed here:

      And I found this add-on on Google:

      I’ve never tried that last one, so use at your own risk, of course. ^-^

      I hope this helps you, and may you have a lovely day.

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