I’m just kurbing my boredom by taking online tests, right now. I’m at work. I’m really sleepy. I slept better last night then I have in a while, but still wasn’t enough. But, o well. I wanted to post these test results ‘coz I think they’re super cute! My Romantic Fanstasy is Castle in the Sky

Whether you’re waiting for a knight in shining armor or for Prince Charming to appear, you have visions of being swept off your feet, literally, by the soul mate of your dreams. Your Castle in the Sky romantic fantasies are fantastic indeed. Running through a golden wheat field towards that special someone, the wind whipping through your hair. It’s a miracle you get anything done during the week.

Believe it or not, you’re easy to please because you are a sucker (in a good way) for every romantic cliché in the book: rose petals on the bed, cutesy nicknames, and sunset sonnets up on the hill. But your head isn’t always in the clouds. You understand that your brand of romance is like a precious gem—special because it is rare.

Still, nothing’s better than you and your sweetie (whether fantasy or real) galloping through the misty countryside toward the white, stone castle… (cue string music and fade to black).
Did I totally say CUTE?! Anyhow, this is certainly the longest entry ever, and I didn’t even write half of it… so I’ll be going now. Thanks for reading my testing nonsense!


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