STUPID COMPUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, i haven’t updated in a while ‘coz my connection is bad… so i’m stealing the breakroom computer today to update (which is an accomplishment considering this keyboard is a peice of shit). Anyways;
Hmm… let’s see… my dad goes outta town today, which would be really cool if he was taking BOTH of my brothers with him, but he’s only taking one with him. So, I still have to lock my damn bedroom door when i leave the house, ‘coz he goes into my room and takes stuff without asking. And, god forbid, I leave any money or anything important in there. That sucks! But o well;
At least skating is going good. I lost like 10 lbs. very recently, and I have been skating alot better since. Yup yup. Just hoping that when I go back to competing in March, that I’ll be ready. It would be cool to go out and not fall on every single jump in my program. And it was never ‘coz i was nervous ‘coz I usually don’t get too nervous, it was because I couldn’t land them solidly to begin with. Nope, nope I could not.
But yea; I figure that’s enough update for now. Hopefully, d computer will stop acting up soon… and i’ll be able to update more often.


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