so sore…

I’m so sore, and I so don’t even know why. If I’d done something last night to make myself sore it might make sense, but I didn’t. I may have slept funny or something. Anyhow;
If you haven’t read or replied to my **Drool Worthy** post, get your tails over there and read/reply! I’m curious here, go one!
And I’m very excited today ‘coz The Village comes out! I can’t wait to see it! I’ve love all of M. Night Shayamalan’s movies! (did I spell that right?) Haven’t seen one yet that I didn’t love, and couldn’t watch again and again. So, looking forward to this one, ‘coz its supposed to be very frightening. S-s-so c-cool! C-c-c-chills just thinking about it! Hee hee!
Well, that’s really all I gotz to say! Go down to my **Drool Worthy** post and tell me your top 10! Love to everyone!
Thanks for reading my sore nonsense!



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