Well, I may or may not be keeping my job… and I’m pretty stressed about that. I would have had to look for a weekend job anyways, but it would have been a whole lot less stressful if I had another job. You know… had I been able to keep this one. They don’t know if they wanna keep me during the school year, yet. And I designed my school year so I’d only miss 2 days of work a week… by scheduling school for Tues. and Thurs. Grrr… I would have designed my schedule differently (and maybe w/ 1 or 2 more classes) if I’d known that they weren’t going to keep me! Stupid indecisive people! (spelling?) Anyhow…
Its really cold in this computer lab, but its definitely like 100 degrees outside (give or take), so I guess its okay. I’m happier with the hot than I am with the freezing my ass off, though. Love the hot weather. Damn, did I pick the wrong sport or what! LOL! Speaking of which, I skated this morning… did my program… I am super outta shape. It is a REALLY good thing that I’m taking this fall off. You have no idea how much of a good thing it is that there will be no competing till March! I mean, not to mention that my homework for just these first two classes that I was introduced to today are going to kick my ass… but then being outta shape to compete would make everything a trillion times worse. Wow… that was kinda a long rant… done with that one.
So, yea… first day of school. I need to learn to be more of a people person. TVI is nothing like UNM… people here wanna talk to you, ask you your name…. get to know you. I don’t get it, yet. I have to learn to talk more if I’m going to be attending school here. All I have to say to this is… RATS! Me and people… nuh uh. Those who know me know this well. I think that way too many people in this world are idiotic and stupid (Stupidity should be painful!). So, um… this is definitely gonna be hard. Plus, while I can definitely be clingy at times (sorry to Jon and Terra), I always meat people who are 100% more clingy than I am… that just leech themselves onto me. Do I just attract these kinds of people? So, I’m afraid to talk to people… (unless they are good looking… lol… J/K!!!) I don’t know. It would be fine if the leechy people were getting to know me… wanting to hang with me and (most importantly) me with them… then getting a lil leechy. ‘Coz anyone who knows me can tell you that I feel clingy from time to time (when I’m feeling lonely… which, depending on the month, can be alot or a lil), so, I have very little problem with people being leechy… I just don’t want people I barely know getting leechy with me. And to end this rant, those are the kinds of people who tend to want to talk to me… the ones who talk to you once and then attach themselves to you at the hip! And to clarify… the interweb is a great way to meet new peeps… only ‘coz you can get to know them (through email or I.M.s or chat rooms) and THEN decide if this is someone you wouldn’t mind hanging out with. I pass out my public email address rather freely online… or if I meet, know, or see someone whom I think I want to get to know. Unfortunately, for me… I don’t always have that opportunity. Most of the people I meet are on/ at the ice arena. Its really hard to meet someone there and manage to write down my email for them, by the time they quit, leave, or get onto the ice. To this I say… Grrr! But … (ending rant #2)
Anyways… I’ve talked way too much now. And my fingers are frozen and starting to ache a lil. Please, excuse any terrible spelling and grammar errors… my brain decided sometime in my first class today to go on strike (bad timing!), so…

So, sending shotouts to Meali (I tried to call you back last night… if you gotta rant and you can’t reach me on my evil cell… send me the email… I’ll read it all… you know I will. And let me know if you don’t want advice, ‘coz you know I’ll wanna give you some =^_~= ), Michael (pumkin, you so don’t have to worry about the late calls or emails… I love ya just d same! **dances around**), Jon (love you, hon), and Berra (see u laterz, love!)! (That was much longer than I meant it to be…) Love you all! And thanks for reading my ranting nonsense!


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