election dread

Well, here it is… the day everyone’s been waiting for… the day that this stupid campaign is over. I’d say that I wasn’t gonna comment on who I voted for, but the only way someone didn’t know who I voted for would be if that person knew nothing about me. So, I get to run my cute little mouth here. If Kerry gets elected, we’re all fucked.

Now, a bunch of you people reading this right now are most likely college age or younger, so I don’t expect alot of you to have a clue what’s going on in the world. You still live in the same little world that the majority of the entertainment world live in… la la land. The majority of you people do not have a clue about what’s going on in the world. Let me just put a few little things out there for you to think about.

If you think that Kerry is good for this country, 1) Why would you even CONSIDER voting for someone who is a NATIONAL HERO in another country (Vietnam), 2) for someone who is heavily supported by, among many of out enemies, Kim Jong Ill of North Korea, the clerics of Iran, and many others… And anyone who thinks that this will make our enemies nicer to us, you are very mistaken… the reason they want Kerry elected is because they know we will be worse off for it. 3) Kerry has no idea how to run a country or we’d know the details of his so called “plans” that he has to make our country better. 4) If a candidate has to lie about his opponent’s record to dissuade people from paying attention to his own record, there’s a problem. 5) If he can’t stick to his guns during his campaign, how is Kerry going to pick a plan of attack to keep us safe from terrorists? He flip- flops more than a fish out of water. And 6) if anyone thinks Kerry will create more jobs for the U.S. the Bush did they should look at who his wife is and how many millions of jobs the Heinz companies take away from the States. I know married couples, the man sais nothing to the wife… that’s what happens… women win. He’s not going to improve that when his wife inherits the company that has one of the highest % of jobs that are shipped over seas.

When I think of more I will add to this. I’m just tired of everyone saying how good Kerry is for this country when they don’t do any proper research on his record… or our President’s for that matter. All of you just listen to the media and ignore the fact that they’re extremely slanted; towards the liberal side… And of course they say that they’re not, do you think that they would admit it? And I’ve heard too many liberals say that the media is slanted republican… um… BULLSHIT! Come on, have you listened to what they say on tv? They are SO slanted liberal… PAY ATTENTION! You all listened to Kerry’s lies about our President and what he’s done with and for our country. You just blindly listen to lies… just like you blindly follow them. And it shouldn’t matter how comfortable the President is with public speaking, since he’s done a pretty good job with this country. And wether or not he’s a rocket scientist is irrelevant! If he was a rocket scientist… with Kerry cutting our defenses he’d be nearly out of a job. Idiot.


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