Surveys? I found it on a friend’s online journal… feel free to fill it out, and stuff!

name: Tatiana
friends: I’m so not listing all of you, I know I’ll forget someone… then they’ll hurt me… and I like my limbs, so, you know who you are!

your friends:
whose the…
smartest: erm… Maddie or Berra
nicest: Michael
coolest: All
prettiest: I’m not answering that for fear of retaliation…
sexiest: Duke
funniest: Berra and Maddie
most fun: All
most trusting: Sharron
most helpful: All
your best friend: Lemme think… Maddie and Berra
same as you: Duke, Maddie, Berra, Sharron… I may have missed one or two…
Craziest: You’re all fucking crazy!
slutiest: Berra in her lil skirt… lol! And Duke; he can so be a man whore!
bitchiest: On what day of the week……
meanest: Once again…..
stupid one: Um… Miriam, but does she count… since, technically she’s not a friend?
most caring: All

Are you single: Not yet
Do you have a crush: I hope so, since I’m not single!
Who: Duke
Why: He gets me… we click… he’s sexy… makes me laugh… ask Berra or Maddie… they know all about it…
Are they to good for you: Hell no!
Are you too good for them: No, but we like to joke around and say that! Hee hee hee!
If you’re single do you want a bg/gf: n/a
Why: n/a
Why wouldn’t you want one? n/a
Ever loved: yup
Who: I don’t have to answer that…

Who was the last person you….
Hugged: Duke
IMed: Steve!!!!

Talked to: BERRA!!!!!

Told a secret to: Duke
Liked: Duke

What do you think of when you hear…
Legolas: Orlando Bloom!!!!
Justin: Idiot! (don’t ask, I don’t know where that came from…)
Shane: wtf?!?
Alyssa: Rose… (someone I figure skate with)
Penguin: BERRA!!! She loves penguins… that should be your nickname!
Dizzy: spins… aaaahhhhhh!!!!!
Monkey: Chris Kattan!!!!
Math: Puke… hurl… ack… ack… ack….
Science: Maddie… ‘coz she’s so a science wizz!
Random: Duke
Crazy: Berra
Weird: All of you guys
Shy: Berra can be…
Sex: I don’t have to answer that one either…

This or That..
Blue or Pink: Blue
Black or White: Black
Negative or Positive: Negative
Friends or Family: Friends… my family has too many issues.
Life or Death: Life
Boys or Girls: Boys. Thank you very much.
You or Them (Friends): Them.


Love or Life: Love
Crazy or Shy: Crazy
Pain or Sorrow: Pain
Tears or Cuts: Tears
Smiles or Frowns: Smiles
Roses or Rose: Roses
Hearts or Broken ones: Hearts
Guitar or Drums: Drums

And how are you feeling right now: Great! Why wouldn’t I be feeling great!

Yes, this is from Lyss/Everyone’s diary. haha. I just never had the time to fill it out. Well, here goes.

x = Yes
/ = Not sure or SOMETIMES

[x] made a wish
[x] tied your shoes
[x] eaten cake
[x] signed a contract
[/] made something explode
[ ] directly and knowingly supported the pornography industry QuizDiva…
[x] sent something through the US mail
[x] been very angry
[x] watched more than three different television shows
[x ] been intoxicated by any substance
[x] thrown up
[x] gotten paid
[x] gone a night without sleeping
[x] broken something you like by accident
[/] envied someone very strongly
[x] finished an artistic project
[x] hated
[x] given a thumbs up
[x] slept in a bed that is not, or has never been, your own
[ wtf? ] sampled (up to interpretation) at publix Quoi?
[x] listened to Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield”
[ ] rode in a taxi
[x] been dumped
[x] been fired
[x] been in a fist fight
[ ] had a threesome – kissing or otherwise
[ ] been arrested
[ ] stole something from my job
[x] went on a blind date
[x] lied to a friend
[ ] had a crush on a teacher
[ ] been to europe (THIS FEBRUARY BREAK! w00t!)
[x] skipped school


[x] have a bf
[ ] have a gf
[x] have a crush
[x] feel loved
[/] feel lonely
[x] feel happy
[ ] hate yourself
[x] think you’re attractive
[x] have a dog
[x] have your own room
[/] listen to rap
[x] listen to rock
[ ] listen to soul
[x] listen to techno
[x] listen to reggae
[ ] listen to metal
[x] have more than one best friend
[ ] get good grades
[ ] play an instrument
[x] have slippers
[x] wear boxers
[x] wear black eyeliner (only during competitions… and halloween)
[x] like the color blue (my favourite!!!)
[/] like the color yellow
[ ] cyber
[ wtf ] claim
[x] like to read
[x] like to write
[ ] have long hair
[x] have short hair
[x] have a cell phone
[ ] have a laptop (it’s not really MINE)
[ ] have a pager


[ ] ugly
[x] pretty
[/] ok
[x] bored
[x] happy
[x] bilingual (a lil)
[x] white
[ ] black
[ ] asian
[x] mexican
[x] short
[ ] tall
[ ] grounded
[ ] sick
[ ] a virgin
[x] lazy
[ ] single
[x] taken
[ ] looking
[ ] not looking
[x] talking to someone
[x] IMing someone
[x] scared to die
[x] tired
[x] sleepy
[ ] annoyed
[x] hungry
[x] thirsty
[x] on the phone
[ ] in your room
[ ] drinking something
[ ] eating something
[ ] in your pjs
[x] ticklish
[x] listening to music
[ ] homophobic
[ ] racist

Last Time You…….
Really Smiled: Today
Laughed: Today
Danced: Today (In the shower… not my shower… that’s why I was dancing… lol… tmi… nvm)
Smoked: NEVER!!! NASTY!!!
Watched your favorite movie: erm… ages!
Last thing you had to drink: A Coke Float
Last time you showered: This morning
Last thing you ate: Cheese Danish… mmm… danish… drools.

Regular Shit
Name: Tanya
Do you like it?: I like Tatiana… that’s what I’m changing my name to if I ever move out of NM!
Nicknames: Tatiana, Tani, Taja, Snowflake, Shorty, Short Stuff, Earth Angel, Brown Eyed Girl…
Screen names: fr0zen1ntyme, littlefaery83
Birthday: October 19
Sign: Libra

School: TVI
Crush: Duke
Natural hair color: Light Brown
Current hair color: Dark Brown with Red Highlights
Eye color: Brown and Green
Height: 5′ and 1/2″ (WOOHOO!!)
Birthplace: New Mexico… (damnit!!!)

Number: 4, 17
Color: (In order of preference) Blue, Silver, Black, Green
Day: Thursday and Friday
Month: July and October (how can you not like your birth month?) … OH! And November!
Songs: oh… too many! Let’s name groups instead… erm… nvm… too many there too.
Movie: Um… once again… but lemme think of a few: Independence Day, LOTR Trilogy, Better Off Dead, VAN WILDER!!!!, and many many many more!!!!
Food: Asian, Spanish, French…. and Mashed Potatoes…. caramel… and fetticini alfredo with broccoli! Did I mention caramel? (DROOLS….)
Season: For looks… winter. For all aroundness… summer.
Veggie: Broccoli… corn… that’s all i think.
TV Show: C.S.I.!!!, Family Guy, Lost, Simpsons, Two and a half men, Stargate S.G. 1!!!!!!!!, Without A Trace, Cold Case, Kim Possible
Radio Station: The Peak (if I ever listen to the radio that is)
Animal: panthers and arctic foxes
Flower: Mystery I don’t remember the name of the flower that this was bred from, but its Hawaiian… Love these! Aren’t they beeautiful!

Love and Relationships
Do you have a bf/gf? Yup…
Do you have a crush?: I suppose I do, since I have a b/f… wouldn’t it be kinda bad if I had a b/f who I didn’t have a crush on?
How long have you liked him/her?: erm… I’m not answering this question, for my own safety… hee hee hee.
Why do you like this person?: Lots of reasons! Mostly ‘coz we have a ton in common, and he gets me… and, well, lots of reasons…
Have you ever been in love?: yes… that’s all I’m saying…

The Past
What is the one thing you would change about your past?: I would have run away from my mother the first time she left me at a convenience store to “punish” me for anything….
What are you wearing: A baby blue turtleneck, light blue jeans, and flip flops…
What are you doing?: Listening to tunez… chillin’ with Berra, and playing on the interweb!
Who are you talking to?: lots o peepz! Steve, Berra, Michael, Duke…
What song are you listening to?: Exies – “Ugly”
Where are you?: Berra’s School…
Are you online?: Erm… how the fuck else would I update my ONLINE JOURNAL?!? wtf?
How are you feeling?: loved… and adored.

What day is it tomorrow?: Monday
What are you going to do after this?: EAT!!!! and maybe unpack…
How old will you be when you graduate?: erm… from college…? probly, like 50!
What are you going to do?: Good fucking question!
What do you want to be?: A figure skater!!! lol… No, I wanna go into multimedia (visual communications) and animation or C.G.I.
Where will you be in 25 years?: Hopefully, not in this state… and married to a beautiful, erm… guy… and having (or already have) beautiful kids.

Makes you laugh the most: Maddie, Duke, Berra…
Makes you smile: Duke, Maddie, Berra… Eko…
Has a crush on you: Um… Duke… I’m sure there are more peepz… but I don’tknow for sure, so…
Do you have a crush on: I think I’ve already answered this one… like a MILLION TIMES!!!!!
Can make you feel better: Maddie, Berra, Duke, Michael, Laney, Terryl, Steve, Kerri, … I’m thinking!

Have you..
Had a 3-some?: Um… hell no.
Fallen for your best friend?: Wait… I think I fell first… then the friend part came later…
Been in love?: yes
Used someone?: Not that I can think of…
Been used?: Yep.
Been the other girl: Not that I know of…
Done something you regret?: I have no regrets… that’s my moto in life…

Who Was The Last Person..
You talked to?: Berra
You hugged?: Duke
You instant messaged?: Steve
Yelled at?: Probly, Duke… or no; someone in front of me who was driving stupidly! That is the most likely answer to that… yup.
You laughed with?: Berra… or Duke…

Do you write in cursive or print?: A weird combo of both, actually.
Are you a lefty or a righty?: Righty.
What is your sexual preference?: Guys. Thank you very much.
Have any tattoos? Neh.
Do you drive?: Um… I’m 21… DUH!
Did you like this survey?: Eh.

Physical Appearance
What do you most like about your body?: My eyes… or my tummy…. or yea…
Do you think you’re good looking?: Yes… yes, I am… =-)
Do other people often tell you that you’re good-looking?: Wait… you mean people I want to hear that from?
Do you look like any celebrities?: I’ve been told I look like one, but I felt insulted so I’m no sharing.
Do you wear a watch?: Nope, I only wear jewelry that means something to me… haven’t received a watch from anyone important to me yet.
How many coats and jackets do you own?: Quite a few. I figure skate, what do you think!?!
Favorite pants/skirt color?: Blue. Or Black.
Favorite item of clothing?: At the moment?… leotards… comfy…
What kind of shoes do you wear?: Gelles or Sketchers or Mudd
Describe your style in one word: Sophisticated. or Sporty. Depends on my day.

Okay… Now, I know that this part is supposed to be answered by OTHER people, but I’m going to answer them (I’m that bored).


» I committed suicide: That is a stupid and selfish way to get rid of your problems!
» I said I liked you: I suppose, I’d be like, “um… ok.”
» I kissed you: Depends on who; ‘coz I don’t think … nvm… I don’t know.

» I lived next door to you: That would be awsome!
» I started smoking: Ack, ack, ack… that would never happen!
» I stole something: What would I steal? Collin Ferrall!!!!
» I was hospitalized: I’d be super fucking worried!
» I ran away from home: Been there… done that… moved in w my dad!
» I got into a fight and you weren’t there: Whimper…. help me…

Er, you can answer this one if you want. haha.
» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Face:
» Hair:
» Clothes:
» Mannerisms:

Yay for fun stuff!!! Everyone should send me one or both, back! Yay!!!


2 thoughts on “Surveys!!!!!

  1. jaline says:

    There’s someone whiter than Nick Carter? NO WAY. It’d have to be snow or paper or something!

    • yup yup

      And I’ll give you three guesses who is whiter than Nick… he’s actually more glow in the dark then me! You just send me quesses… it’ll make me laugh if you don’t get it instantly!

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