quizzed out

Okay… I’m not totally sad… but I’m not totally happy either… and all I will say about it is this: I’m SO happy that he’s happy, but part of me is hurting that he’s not miserable without me. You know? So, instead of talking about it (that’s what my poetry site is for anyways), I’m gonna do something that just amuses the hell outta me! So, here goes:

Your Death by x_rubberduckii
Attempts: 8
Day of Death: November 27, 2050
Money left in your account: $27,202,944,116
How many people will attend your wake: 47
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Are you hott? by evildj23
First Name
Guy or Gal
Your hottness is 10…WOW! ARE U SINGLE?!?!
Quiz created with MemeGen!


~*~*~*~ LOVING~*~*~*~
Your loving nature makes you wonderful to be
around. You are the type of person that accepts
people for who they are and they in return of
your good heartedness, accept you right back.
You are most likely a romantic at heart. With a
sensitive soul and probably a broken heart from
the past, you don’t usually trust people. You
have probably been hurt by someone you love or
loved dearly which makes it hard to confide in
others. Easy going and romantic, fun and
lovable, you have a great personality. You are
very well liked in the general world that
you’re in.

Please Rate or message me! Thank you for taking my
quiz! XoXo ❤ Lana

You’re Beautiful…but why? ( PICS) brought to you by Quizilla

^ that’s so me… almost makes me wanna cry…

What Makes You Sexy?
by eva71
Sexy Body Part Is Your Ass
Special Talents Are Stalking Your Prey
Quiz created with MemeGen!

If anyone even comments on the irony of that coming up on a random quiz… I will kick your ass! lol!

Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times: 281
Quiz created with MemeGen!

So, hot… who could argue? Mmmm… ERM. I mean… … … moving on.

Your love is… by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is…
Your kiss is… breath taking
Your hugs are… gentle
Your eyes… light up a day
Your touch is… awakening my heart
Your smell is… exotic
Your smile is… entrancing
Your love is… everlasting
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I love that one! Aw…

What do people really think about you?
by Raven319
favorite song
Parents think You're an angel
Strangers think You're smart
Friends think You talk too much
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Do I? I kinda do that anyways…

Your Love Life by lpfloatsmyboat
favorite color:
best physical quaility: hair
best personality trait: you can solve any social problem
will you marry your bf/gf that you have now? yes!
when will you get married? June 11, 2011
your kiss is: fiery
People date you because: you’re smart
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Your Husband Generator by Lady_Galadriel
Your Husband Is
You Met online
You Have 5 children
You Live ireland
In a country house
You And Your Partner Are Best Known For your wild sex romps anywhere and everywhere
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Meali… this just reminds me of that one hobbit you said Duke reminded you of… oh, wait… this is the hobbit you said he reminded you of!!! LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!

Your Superhero Persona
by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero Name The Ferret
Super Power Can See Into The Future
Enemy Michael Jackson
Mode Of Transportation Unicycle
Weapon Sporks
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Who will you be stuck with at end of time? by chi_a_baidh
Your name is
Your sex is MaleFemaleUndecided
Your favorite color is RedOrangeYellowGreenBluePurpleBlackWhiteOther
You are stuck there because you were frozen in ice/a crystal
For _____ years 97
With Jackie Chan. Click for pic.
He/She will think you are strong
You will live in peace
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yay! Jackie Chan!

Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
Your Name/Username
Favorite Number?
Favorite Color?
Gender? FemaleMaleUndecidedBoth
How will you commit suicide? You will drown yourself
How many tries will it take? 44
When will you commit suicide? October 19, 2017
What will your suicide note say? This broken heart will never mend, so never shall I breathe again
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Okay… that one’s kinda… um… depressingly…

What Are You Most Likely to Utter During Sex
by UMAJohnnie
Most Likely to Say “I'm almost postive that's not what you think it is.”
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you: Sense of Humour
In a survival situation, you: Run like hell
Your hidden talent is: Seeing the best in others
Your gift is: Athletic ability
In groups, you: Are the center of attention
Your best quality is: Your creativity
Your weakness is: Being unforgiving
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I LIKE THAT ONE!! I would so run like hell! … So, true…

Your Love Situation
by Amberishjewel
Your Love Is… Hard
During Lovemaking You Act… Like a volcano, hot & steamy
Your Partner Is… Your support
Your Partner Has Said That You… Are extrodinary
Your Love is Summed Up In A Quote. “I love your lips”
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I don’t know about this one for sure. You’d have to ask… erm… I’ve said too much.

Who were you in a past life?
by Kat007
Favorite Color:
You were most probably: Edgar Allan Poe
If not then you were: A sheep dog named Grody
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Hmm… enough?… one more?… ok

Theme songs of your life
by eponine
your name?
love song: why don't you and I – santana ft. alex band
depressing song: black balloon – the goo goo dolls
party song: i wanna be bad – willa ford
what-the-hell-ever song: california – phantom planet
your life salvation – the cranberries
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I have to look some of those up… I know I agree with the love song… most of the time…

Well, that’s all I guess.

Thanks for reading my quizzical nonsense!


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  1. Ignore this, unless you wanna take this survey thingy…


    That’ll be next time I update… I just don’t wanna lose it… in case it takes me a while to get back here.

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