Ice Follies

After watching the women’s figure skating events, something I had vowed never to do again until they had someone who could show the remotest amount of staying power, I may have to resolve to quit my fandom of women’s skating, alltogether.  What a joke.

So, this skinny little limp shrimp-like jumper comes on the scene.  I’ve skated with the little pre-madonna, and it’s like trying to share ice with an elephant who’s deliberately getting in your way for the gods know what reasons could possibly fit into that tiny brain of hers.  Anyway, the point is that she jumps about as high as my ankles, though on a good day she MIGHT just be able to clear the tops of my pro-flex boots (perhaps 6 to 8 inches off of the ice).  She is consistantly not called or warned on her inside edge ‘luzt’ take-off because the judges have decided that she’s our only little hope on the women’s side of figure skating right now.  If we’re lucky, they’ll treat her worse than they now treat Alissa Czisny when she shows how pathetic her skating is when compared with the women’s skating around the world. 

This little kid had the nerve to say that they were holding up other skaters and not scoring her jumps properly in the short, too!  The rest of us are well aware that it’s Flatt that the judges held up with an over-inflated score on her mediocre short program, and that it’s the only reason that she’s going to the Olympics when the actually GOOD skating done by Wagner is being ignored and set aside in 3rd place, instead. 

So, the moral of the story seems to be: look and skate like you’re 12 (IE: with NO POWER, zero edge quality, a demonstration of telegraphed jumps from one end of the ice to the other, an almost complete & utter lack of artistic quality or sense of your music, & a Flip jump that you’re trying to pass off as a Lutz), and the USFS will hold you up for it.  However, skate with some real power, sense of your music, & beautiful edges and they will hold you back just high enough so that they can keep you as a reserve but with no reward for the wonderful job you did. 

Thanks, USFS.  I’ve never been so ashamed to be a member of women’s figure skating. 

…& that IS saying something.


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