A New Mantra

Well, like many people I believe, who have epiphanies in showers or on toilets only to forget the specifics of said epiphany by the time they reach a recording device, I had a breakthrough in the shower.  Only mine is fairly simple to recall, if not exactly then at least the general idea of it:

Find something new to love about life every single day.

I would like to say that I will record each here, but sometimes life and destiny make mockeries of such plans.  So I am agreeing with myself now to do this mentally every day in as many situations as is possible until it becomes every situation. 

Here’s the thing: part of my charm is that interest I seem to evoke that stems from that inner spark of life, of child-like wonder for the world around me, or that of a bird that has just escaped the walls of a cage.  Even if those currently around me get bored with that aspect of my personality, life will be a better experience for me, and, I hope, by extension those around me.  Everything that happens to me, around me, and every one I come into contact with will teach me something I need to learn.  Life is about progressing, learning, and growing.  I will not miss any opportunities because I did not learn from a situation, or because I allowed myself to sit around feeling sorry for myself or some kind of luck I would have wished against.  I didn’t become who I am today, or get where I am now because of depression and anxiety.  I got to this point by trying to overcome these and other obstacles.

Things are tough, right now.  Relationships are complicated.  Life is, will always be, a struggle.  So experience it.  Feel it.  Learn from it.  And find something new to love about every new day, if not necessarily about every new experience.  Your life will be better for it, and so will you. 


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