*I do know there’s a typo in the first stanza, but I noticed it too late to edit it. For those who did not notice it, the third line should say ‘my’ where the ‘your’ is… other than that, I’m pretty happy with it.

My skin craves your touch,
to feel your hands
on every inch of my skin;
tie me down and fill me with your sin.
Traverse my body’s lands
until we merge into one.

My eyes crave your form;
I just want to see you,
to memorize your face,
and mentally retrace
your attributes
for the times when you’re away.

My tongue craves your taste,
and over the canvas of your frame
my taste buds want to run,
to slide your skin beneath my tongue.
Down your neck my teeth will graze;
tie my hands and my mouth still can.

My ears crave your sounds,
the vibration of your voice in the air
calls to the deepest parts of my body,
your declarations are a musicality
resonating within me, just there;
lyrical through my auricles, enveloping.

My nostrils crave your scent,
your musk, your body’s perfume.
The way you cover it with cologne,
and even when you don’t
and the way it wears down when you
sweat it all off until it’s just you, alone.

I could melt into you,
and hide inside
the lining of your skin.
Fill me with your deepest sin
too beautiful to abide;
we two, we could live forever with and within
these sense sensations; this craving.


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