2 Days Down, 38 To Go

Well, I’m two days into my self-reflective journaling, and I’m feeling pretty good about it.  Particularly because day two challenged me already in that I was at my man’s place when it was time to journal, and I literally told him what I was doing, why, and to leave me alone for a bit so that I could work on it.  He’s wonderful, he left me alone until I let him come back.  

This is the quickest update I can manage, and I think I’ll have to leave you all with this tonight.  I feel horrible, like I’m going to be sick and like my head is trying to explode.  I have to perform my monologue again tomorrow after completely redesigning it, and this is how I’m feeling the night before.  Let me tell you… I don’t want to go in puking all over the place, and on a week I told my professor that I would, for sure, be back to work on it.  Ayayay!  Wish me luck on both my journaling and my monologue…?  

I hope you’re day has been lovely, and thank you for reading.  ^-^


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