My Landlord/Roommate Tried to Evict Me This Week

He wrote me a letter and taped it to my door.  Inside of this letter were a list of bogus reasons for trying to kick me out.  I read through it, then proceeded to write him a very calm and collected email (where I could keep a better record of what he was saying to me) explaining why, based on my rights as a CA renter, he had no right to evict me based on those reasons.

My other roommate stood up for me, telling our landlord/roommate off for even trying to do this to me.  You know what our landlord gave him as the real reason he wanted me out?  I’m not Catholic.  It just came out of his mouth, apparently.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that in writing, but now that I’ve heard that… oh man.  I’ll stay here as long as I like (and as long as my other roommate is alive to stand as a witness) because I think my rights would stand up to that bs in any courtroom.

I’m trying to get my energy back to the positive it was before this semester began, which means purging things like this.  Still… why do I keep moving in with crazy fucking nut-jobs.  One was insane, another a religious fanatic, what on earth could possibly be next?

Thanks for reading my ranting.  I’m off to watch my boyfriend’s Judo Competition.  I hope you all have a lovey day, and an even lovelier weekend.  ^-^


One thought on “My Landlord/Roommate Tried to Evict Me This Week

  1. That is craziness; I am sorry. As one who was raised Catholic, I don’t see a.) how this is a valid expectation/reason or b.) why one would care.
    Catholicism is its own brand of crazy, but this is more than extreme.
    Merde to your boyfriend, and enjoy the rest of your weekend,

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