Ideas vs Implementation

I had another fun novel idea the other day.  So like a good little writer, I opened a blank notebook, and began brainstorming my ideas for it.  Three straight hours at a lounge/coffee shop the first night, two hours during a study break the following day, and another two hours on public transportation and during lunch the day after that.  There’s world-building to do, character development, and at least a generic working knowledge of the world’s rules.  However, as a discovery writer, what I want to do more than anything else is just start writing.  Let’s jump into this now, and see what happens.

Now, I know that the better thing to do is wait until all of the world-building, or at least most of the character development, is finished before I start writing.  I know this, but there’s this problem I have with this and that problem is that I honestly lose interest if I take too long getting to the writing.  Then again, if I just start writing, rewrites will be necessary before I even finish the first quarter of the draft.  So, what to do?

I honestly think that I just don’t know how to begin a novel idea once the world-building is sufficiently finished, and the characters have a solid foundation.  How do you begin a huge story idea when all you have is a world and a few characters?  I see a path, I want to put my characters onto it, but I get to the beginning and I just cannot see how to begin it.

The easy answer to this (and perhaps the right one) is just begin writing.  Discovery writers tend to be notorious for our false starts.  I know this.  So I should just begin.  Put the characters into a scenario and see what they do.  Honestly, the reason I’m even writing this, the reason I hesitate, the reason I have difficulty beginning is that once the world is build and the characters are more real to me… ruining their story becomes a real fear in the back of my mind.  Then I begin to stress about where to begin.

Then again, I already have my answer, don’t I?  False starts are natural.  Rewrites are inevitable and necessary.  Just start writing.

That was easy, wasn’t it?


Thanks for reading my musings, and have a lovely evening.  ^-^


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