The Dog Takes A Train Ride to Sacramento


Meet Echo. For those of you who are unaware, this is my 11 year old baby. He’s a purebred Shih Tzu, and I’ve had him nearly all his life. He’s a rescue, as well, and the people who had him before me abused him quite badly. I don’t know the specifics, but it took me a long time to get him to trust me or anyone else. He still tries to bite anyone who uses scissors or a razor on him, and I’m the only one who can touch his tail without getting bitten.

Why are we on a train to Sacto? Well, this past week I noticed that one of his eyes was red and swollen. I looked it up online, and read about how it might be something major and panicked. I’ve been so stressed out lately, dealing with one catastrophe after another, that I’ve been known to panic more often than I ordinarily feel the need to do. So, in my panicked state, I called the one vet I really trusted with him to schedule an appointment.

Yes, I do live in San Francisco, and, yes, I have been there for quite a while. However,as dog-friendly as it claims to be, the vets there are rude, the groomers are inept, it’s damn-near impossible to find living situations that even allow dogs, and when you do they charge you through the nose for them. It’s ridiculous.

So when faced with what might be a severe ailment for Echo, I decided to spring for a ticket to another city to take care of him. It’s going to be a fun day trip…vet visit aside. I know he doesn’t like the vet, but he does like car-rides and trains are quite smooth. So he’ll have fun, and I’ll have fun watching him.

Wish us luck at the vet! I honestly hope it’s nothing serious, but as he seems to still be energetic at home it might simply be irritated or scratched. I’ll update with more when we get done.

Thanks for reading my doggy thoughts, and have a lovely Saturday!


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