Current Projects Plaguing My Mind

Well, I finally wrote out all of the stories I’m currently working on, and discovered that, at best, I have seven – that’s right, seven – novels in my to-do pile. Two of them are damn near complete, two of them are nearing the middle, and the rest are still in that awkward world and character building stage where anything might happen. Old ideas are getting reboots, and new ideas are taking form. The thing is, as you’ve all probably guessed, I don’t have time to work on one project at the moment, let alone seven. I don’t know how to keep them all straight, or how to prevent one from influencing the others. Am I meant to work on so many projects at once, or should I be pairing this all down to a single story, see it through to completion, and THEN begin the next one? I’ve been told before to simply work on what I’m inspired to work on at any given point in time, I simply worry that I won’t finish anything with new ideas constantly being born. How do I prioritize?

On top of this, I’m currently very behind on a summer class I’m taking after my move, I still have a full-time day-job to worry about, I’m involved in a play whose director wants us off-book by the day after tomorrow, and I still have a crap-ton of unpacking to do to make my new space livable. I have quite a lot on my plate.

Above all, I still have no inspiration for any of this; not the stories, the acting, or the organizing. Ideas keep coming, but I have no passion to write any of them. It has yet to return, and I still feel… stuck. The new ideas and the resulting requirement to brainstorm are encouraging, but I still hit that block as soon as it comes to writing the characters or the story. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong, but I know that I must right it before I can continue. It’s really frustrating to be inside of my own skin, and not know precisely what is holding back my creative muse. Nothing could make me want to scream and shout more, in fact. I don’t know what to do.

As soon as my desk arrives, and my workstation is in order I will be beginning some writing exercises to sharpen my skills and refill my writing toolbox. I cannot wait, to be honest. It’s why I’m back here, writing for this journal; I can simply not let the artistic side of myself die because of the chaos that has upturned my life over the past couple of years. The inspiration will return. I know this because the ideas simply do not stop. Therefore, the bug must still be somewhere inside of me. It’s time to begin coaxing it out once more, and get back on my path. …now if I could just figure out how exactly to do that, I’d be set.

Thank you for reading my wandering nonsense. I hope you have a lovely evening.


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