I Joined A New RPG

What’s funny about this is how long it took me to actually join the site. Now that I’m a part of it, I’m back to posting a few times a day with both characters I created there, and plotting with every active writer on the site. It’s populated by mostly UK writers, who are all complimenting my writing so far, and it makes me feel much better about my writing, where I had previously been doubting myself.

It’s also reminding me that I can create just as well as I used to, if not better, quickly, and more effectively now. Something else I’ve been worrying about as I struggle with my own personal writing projects. I can’t believe I let a little incident with people who claimed (but utterly failed) to actually be my online friends from my recent past dictate my current creative endeavors. I definitely won’t allow people like that to influence me ever again in the future. This RPG is one of the best places I’ve ever stumbled across, and the people on it are all novelists or striving to be. I can’t believe I found it, and I’m thrilled.

It’s going to be my new haunt for a considerable amount of time in the future, in between my own writing projects, my degree path, and my theatre undertakings. I’m so excited to be starting something new. This is definitely the month of new situations, friends, and projects. July: the month of new starts.


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