Is She Or Is She Not?

Is She Or Is She Not?

Sometimes we’re alone together, and she does something so sweet – so cute and unexpected – that I think, “I think I’m in there… she likes me, too.”

Then we’re apart for a few days, I don’t hear back from her, and I tell myself, “Obviously, she’s just not that into you.”

But then we’re alone together again, and…


3 thoughts on “Is She Or Is She Not?

  1. aashikhmina says:

    How familiar 🙂

    • Tatiana says:

      Yup. Oh the ups and downs of crushing on someone new. You could just tell the person you like that you like them… but then that also takes some of the fun out of it, doesn’t it? 😛

      • aashikhmina says:

        Depends if you are in for fun or for something bigger and what person you are I guess =) I used to like to be guessed and liked to leave this feeling of uncertainty in people but the only reason my boyfriend knows me well and knows how to make me happy is because I have told him about his mistakes and opened up, otherwise he might have still be guessing…

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