And So It Begins…

It’s November 1st, and all of you writers out there know what that means: National Novel Writing Month has begun.  …and I still don’t know what novel I’m writing during the next 30 days of my life.    I have three in progress – world and character building has begun and plots are coming together in my head – but I don’t know which one I should start working on.

To start, I thought I’d taken the high fantasy off the table.  Easy as the world-building was going for me on that one, I kind of figured it’d be the one that my brain set aside come the beginning of November, but I’m so in love with the character journeys in this one (and the obvious LGBT storylines) that I’m reconsidering it.  After all, I read somewhere that if you’re sick of world-building your novel, then that usually means you’re ready to write it.  Okay, I’m not sick of world-building this one… I love working on this world!  Hmm…

Next, there’s the dystopian novel with a lead woman who’s strong without having to play all of the stereotypes of being the ‘strong female character’ of today’s books.  I like her so much; I want to tell her story.  I keep having little epiphanies about the world for this one when I’m in class or at work or lying down to go to sleep, but whenever I sit down to world-build or brainstorm about characters and scenes I just can’t think of anything.  That’s not really promising for a ‘seat of your pants’ writing adventure, but I can’t simply set it aside for some reason.

Finally, we come to the post-apocalyptic idea.  This one comes together in threads.  It has so many characters in so many situations that it’s probably perfect for NaNo in that when I get sick of writing from one character’s perspective, I can just jump to another one.  Unlike the other two, this one will be told from more than two perspectives.  (Though the high fantasy may include up to five… )  This story has a beautiful array of characters and races and species to choose from and could work quite well if I wasn’t so behind on the world-building.

So there you have it: three options.  I keep talking them out with myself and trying to justify one over the other.  Not that I didn’t consider just writing all three this month – I did – I just don’t think that’s a smart idea if I want to actually get anything done.

I just don’t know.  I don’t know, and today is the day I need to begin.  Maybe I’ll just sit down, start writing, and see which story pops up first…?  That’s as good a plan as any.

How did you choose the story you’re working on for NaNoWriMo?  Did you have other contenders?  How are you sorting them out for now, and for future work?

Good luck to my fellow WriMo’s!  Fifty thousand words: we can do it!

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.


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