NaNoWriMo: Day 9

Written Today:  16,926
Current Total:  26,447

Wow.  I just started writing this morning, and that happened.  The stiffness in my fingers and wrists protested quite a lot in the beginning so I took a pain killer.  It didn’t go away right off, but it felt a bit like the more I typed the looser the joints were becoming.  It was kind of neat, like I was working the stiffness out.  Then for a long time I forgot about my hands entirely, and just got to write.  Now my fingers are starting to get stiff again, but it’s okay because look what I have to show for it! 

My story is starting to develop a path, and, honestly, it’s not the one I initially thought it was going to be.  I’m quite excited!  The first appearance of the arriving threat has been written, and exoduses have begun.  I’m loving my story so, so much!  And – I’m halfway toward my NaNoWriMo goal!  It has been a good day of writing. 

…now I have to work on that homework I’ve been neglecting.  *wrinkles nose*

I hope everyone else’s day was as productive!  Thanks for reading, and have a lovely evening. 


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