NaNoWriMo: Technical Difficulties

Due to a major arthritis flair-up in my right hand and wrist joints, I only wrote 904 words Thursday and none at all yesterday.  It’s still pretty uncomfortable right now, but today is Saturday and it is officially NaNoThon so I’m going to do some writing!  I plan to catch up and surpass the word count I should be at for today if I have to take double my arthritis pain meds to do it.  That sounds bad actually.  I think I’ll just suffer through the pain, keep writing, and make my word count that way – probably with lots of breaks.  Wish me luck?

Additionally, there are 4 days remaining before the fund-raising challenge is over, and I’m still only halfway to the goal!  So if you want your name or a name of your choosing to be featured in my novel, please donate!  (Click here for more details.)  I’m also not above taking pledges for word count goals: perhaps something like a penny a word?  That seems reasonable.

My current word count is 10,425.  I’ll update later on with my progress.

Good luck to everyone out there who’s currently working toward a creative endeavour.  You are all brilliant!  Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Technical Difficulties

  1. Arthritis in the hands makes life difficult doesn’t it? One finger typing and having to have your dinner chopped up!

    • Tatiana says:

      Seriously. I’ve had to ask my roommates to tie the dog’s leash around my wrist when I take him out (which I have to do if he’s going to pee at any point during the day), and wedge my pens between my sleeve and one of my pointer fingers to write all of my damn in-class essays for the past three days.

      I’ll say one thing though, painful as it’s been, it has demanded that I get creative.

      My girlfriend said it’s probably the pressure from the changing weather and being this close to the ocean. Yay… so it’s going to be a yearly thing, is it? I’ve never had flair ups in my upper body before. Used to only happen in my knees, ankles, and lower back. I’d prefer it stayed there, honestly. I’d sort of gotten used to dealing with it there… urgh!

      Good luck with yours. I hope it’s not bothering you too badly during this chilling time of year.

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