NaNoWriMo: Day 11

Written Today:  2,063
Current Total:  35,386

Minor NaNo Novel Update – I’ve defined a couple of character arcs, discovered a plot-path for my three main characters, and discovered that, really, this story might just span a few different books if I want to tell it right.  I keep doing this to myself.  Except for my very first novel, I keep starting on projects with one or two characters in mind, and finding that they are simply not sufficient to tell the whole story.  Since it is NaNoWriMo, I’m just going to let the stories come.  I can narrow them down later, and decide whose story is most important, who supports that story, and which characters can be eliminated or combined.  After that, if there are still substantial and interesting stories left untold, I’ll take those aside, and follow the same steps until I’ve run out of interesting and reader-friendly stories to tell about the world.  I think this is a good plan, anyway.  We shall see.

A somewhat major and lengthy life update related to why I am posting this update now, rather than last night, is located here.  In it, I discuss in detail for the first time my battles with codependency and depression, some of the issues from which they stem, a bit about what rock-bottom was like for me, and what led to my current improvements (however small they may currently be).

For my writing and NaNoWriMo followers, good luck on your second full week of writing!  I know it’s tough, but remember all you have to do is keep writing, whatever you get down, to win this battle.  You can do it!

Thank you for stopping by, and even more for reading.  I hope you have a lovely day!


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