NaNoWriMo: Day 20

Written Today:  1,041
Current Total:  44,172

Well, I have begun writing scenes again.  This is a good sign, I think, even if it’s for another book.  Yea, I’ve given up fighting it, at this point.  If scenes are going to crawl out through my fingers, fully formed, I am not going to stop them.  Work continues, on three different novels.  I’ll be honest, I thought it was going to be harder to keep that many stories straight in my head, but they’re different enough that it seems not to be a problem, at the moment.  We’ll see what happens.

This update is quite short, I know, but I’m exhausted and I used the last of my energy to write that tidy, little word count up there.  So, I am calling it a night.  As always, thank you for reading, and may you have a lovely evening.


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