On Writing: Epiphanies

My determination to finish one of my novels before the end of the year has actually led me to an epiphany about my first novel. Nothing like those last minute pressure-inspired muses, huh?

So my vampire story (love story, if you will) finally has a path from the beginning to the ending. I’ve known the whole story for a while, as it’s been in my head for as long as I can remember, but it’s one thing to know a story and another to tell it. As soon as I put the character down on paper, the companion I’ve had in my mind for so long vanished, leaving only his ghost to linger in my subconscious. It did make room for more worlds and new characters, but I’ve missed his company, nonetheless. And it’s made finishing the novel all the more daunting for his absence.

Now, I wrote this novel in November 2010, and haven’t gone back to it since. Probably the NaNoWriMo burn-out from my first ever attempt was what kept me away more than anything else. That was a very emotional year for me, and getting that first story out on paper was hard. But three years is enough time to breathe, right?

I figured out how I’m going to write it, in what perspective, and how to tie in the minor characters in his story. I’m thrilled. Now, I just have to do all of the rewrites, and create the additions. I’m debating about character names, as well. When I first wrote the story I had avoided reading the Twilight series, knowing what respectable writers thought of that tripe. Then, however, I got some writing advice about reading everything in your genre, good and bad. Apparently, you can learn from the good as well as the bad, and so I read the series.

Now, as a result of these readings, I discovered that two of my five important characters share names with the main characters in those teen-crack-romance novels. I like my character names, but I don’t want to have ANYTHING in common with a bad writer’s misogynistic stories. So I’m considering other name options.

On the upside, my main character’s name will not have to change, it’s his lover who shares a name with Twilight’s main character. Since my Edward and my Alice, are such a big part of my main character’s story, I feel I need to change their names, but I don’t want to. Once I determine where my rewrites will ultimately take them, I’ll consider their names once more. I hate that another writer, and one who’s stories created such dislike within me, is going to deter me from naming characters what I’d initially intended. So I’m thinking about it.

In the meantime, yay for inspiration and problem solving my own novels!

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.


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