Not Just A Writer

As the title states, I’m not just a writer.  Is anyone, really?  I’m also an actor, which is not a title I use arbitrarily.  I have a talent for making costumes and clothing accessories, which I sometimes do in my spare time and sometimes in a professional capacity.  I’m an amateur photographer.  I’m a foodie.  There are many, many places on the internet for people who do these things, but nowhere that I’m aware of in which all of these differing groups combine.  

I’ve been looking for a place to keep things like my photography and my recipes where they are easy to find, and for which I do not have to remember some new website with some new username and password.  I already have a several WordPress accounts, Tumblr and Twitter accounts, a Google+, a Flickr account, and so on.  

Not to mention, I’m also looking for ways to bring more traffic to my professional website, which promotes me as a writer.  Now, I know of several professional writers’ websites that discuss things other than their writing.  Off the top of my head, one well known and award winning author discusses tv shows, writing reviews to her ‘guilty pleasures’ and posting them on her website, which creates traffic not only from interest in her books but also as a result of searching for the shows.  

The thing is: I don’t quite know what suits me best as an author.  Photography is just useful for accompanying the blog posts I write there, not so much for attracting readers all on its own.  Costumes and accessories, well seeing as how I sell them online, I don’t really need to put two things on the same website that I’m trying to sell… it just seems like a conflict of interest.  Acting is only a useful addition if I do something in which people outside of the SF area would recognize.  So that leaves recipes (although, honestly, I’ve considered writing reviews to books that I’m reading, but it’s difficult to critique something honestly when you’re still trying to reach that level in your own writing).  

I’m just not sure if recipes are a good accompaniment to writing.  I mean, writers need to eat and I feel as though it’s important to someone who can write for hours and hours at a time without realizing that they’ve missed mealtimes.  I have to be creative and fast when I make food because I have blood-sugar issues that put me in danger when the levels drop too low.  I could call it my quick and tasty recipes for writing breaks… or something equally as cheesy.  I’m just not sure if that’s the way to go or not.  *sigh*

It’s so difficult this balancing of personal and professional blogging.  

What do you guys think?  Do you worry about this, as well?  How do you balance this?

Please, comment below with your thoughts.  Thanks for reading, and have a happy holiday!  


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