Surgery Funds for Echo the Shih Tzu

I’m sorry to have gone MIA on everyone.  The truth is I’ve been trying to improve myself and my time-management skills so that my grades for school are impeccable when I send out the impending college transfer applications.  Of course, even the best intentions are sometimes interrupted by emergencies.

As a result of a recent veterinary emergency, involving blood in his urine, we discovered that my dog, Echo, is in need of surgery due to a couple of stones in his bladder that are apparently resistant to being dissolved through other means. The surgery isn’t immediate, at the moment, because of the position of the stones. However, his veterinarian said that they could shift at any time, which would cause an emergency.

The cost of this surgery will be around $3000. Therefore, I’m trying to raise funds for it as quickly as possible, as there is no way that I can pay for it myself and it would take at least a year or longer for me to save up that kind of money with my current school and job situation, even with accepting more hours at work and taking on a second job.

I know we’re all strapped for funds in this crazy economy so if you can’t donate, I would be very grateful if you shared his fundraising page with anyone you know who loves dogs and might be able to help.  Here is the link for anyone who can help or has the time to share it.

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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