What A Month

So, for those of you wondering about my dog, Echo, he’s doing well.  As a result of his illness, he’s been sleeping a lot more, gets tired more easily, which causes us to go on shorter and shorter walks, and he’s very itchy all over his underside.  Aside from these side-effects, however, he’s doing well, and the doctor who will be doing Echo’s surgery comes back into the country today.  We’re still trying to fund-raise, of course.  We’ve reached 10% of our goal so if you can donate any amount at all or spread the word on your social networks about our predicament, I would really appreciate it.  

Echo and I went for a short trip out of town this weekend.  My dad and youngest brother were in town, and they picked us up on Friday afternoon after I got out of school and took us to Sacto where my Grandparents, Aunt, and a few cousins live.  My grandmother’s health has been questionable lately, but last week she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  The doctors have given her months to live.  My dad already lost his father about 15 years ago so I know this is hard for him and his brothers and sisters.  We spent the weekend sharing stories, hugging, drinking, and taking care of Grandma.

Even though Echo is ill, himself, whenever Grandma was hurting, he would run immediately to her side and place his paws on her knees, his tail wagging, and lick her hand.  He’s always been a sweet dog, and he never does seem to like anyone around him to be unhappy.

My father, youngest brother, Echo, and I left last night, having to head back to work and school and life earlier than we would really like, hugging my grandmother goodbye and damn-near praying it won’t be for the last time.


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