About Me

Tatiana | San Francisco | Student

Single | Writer | Actor | Avid Reader | Atheistic Pagan | Cynic | Sci-Fi/Fantasy Geek | Still has Pixie Status | Always A Performer @ ♥

Birthdate: October 19th

Sign: Libra on the cusp of Scorpio with Aries rising (how fucked up am I?)

Sexuality: Bisexual

(I like everyone indiscriminate of their gender. Men, women, transgender, gender queer – doesn’t matter. Humans are humans, and they can all be beautiful. ^-^)

School: City College of San Francisco (CCSF)

I’m an author of two novels (so far), as well as many poems and short stories, and still – always – writing. In addition, I am currently studying Creative Writing, Acting, and Costume Design at CCSF. I plan to audition for a school in London, where I will study acting as an art rather than a pastime, which is how they treat it here in the USA.  A lofty goal, I know, but that is what I will achieve within the next ten years.

As an actor-in-training, I often participate in theatre productions and the occasional film from every side in which I can get involved. I have been an actor, a member of the tech crew, a make-up designer, a house manager, and a part of the costume crew, so far. Before I’m finished, I will have worked in every area possible so that I have a working understanding of all aspects of these performing arts in the hope that this will make me better able to put out what is needed both on film and on stage.

I may or may not add more detail to this later on, but, for now, here are some lists as I get back to work on my current novel.


  • figure skating
  • writing
  • acting
  • drawing
  • costume & clothing design
  • graphic & web design
  • reading


  • Acting
  • books
  • dance
  • food
  • learning
  • politics
  • technology
  • athletics
  • travel
  • weaponry

Things I Love:

  • animals
  • archery
  • art
  • Atlantis (Bahamas)
  • balloons
  • blue
  • bubbles
  • Cosplay & costumes
  • dessert
  • fairy tales
  • fantasy
  • fencing
  • food
  • lolita
  • pen, paper, & ink
  • places
  • snowflakes
  • steampunk
  • summer
  • tropical flowers
  • umbrellas
  • rain drops
  • water (all things: ocean, waves, ponds, rivers, waterfalls, etc. I love it all.)
  • writing quills

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