We’ve Raised 18%

I apologize for being so slow to update here, lately.  Things are moving forward and I’ve been busy training at my second job, trying to get hold of some more money for Echo’s surgery.  It’s hard to deal with because I don’t get to see him as much as I usually would, but as he’s feeling ill, he’s sleeping more now anyways – so it’ll work out in the short term.

Aside from the extra sleeping and itching around his tummy, Echo’s doing well.  I know he’ll be thrilled after the surgery because he’ll get to eat food he likes again and his tummy will be much, much less itchy.  He’ll also get to go on longer walks again, since he gets tired too quickly to go exploring the distances he usually likes to drag me.  In the meantime, we’re just doing our best to get the rest we both need until this whole mess is over.

For those who don’t know about it, here’s the link to donate to Echo’s surgery fund.  (If you don’t want to cover the high donation fee there, you can donate directly to my PayPal account here.)  Please spread the word so that we can reach our goal and pay for Echo’s surgery before we run out of time!

Thank you all so much for reading this and I hope you have a lovely day!  ^-^


What A Month

So, for those of you wondering about my dog, Echo, he’s doing well.  As a result of his illness, he’s been sleeping a lot more, gets tired more easily, which causes us to go on shorter and shorter walks, and he’s very itchy all over his underside.  Aside from these side-effects, however, he’s doing well, and the doctor who will be doing Echo’s surgery comes back into the country today.  We’re still trying to fund-raise, of course.  We’ve reached 10% of our goal so if you can donate any amount at all or spread the word on your social networks about our predicament, I would really appreciate it.  

Echo and I went for a short trip out of town this weekend.  My dad and youngest brother were in town, and they picked us up on Friday afternoon after I got out of school and took us to Sacto where my Grandparents, Aunt, and a few cousins live.  My grandmother’s health has been questionable lately, but last week she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  The doctors have given her months to live.  My dad already lost his father about 15 years ago so I know this is hard for him and his brothers and sisters.  We spent the weekend sharing stories, hugging, drinking, and taking care of Grandma.

Even though Echo is ill, himself, whenever Grandma was hurting, he would run immediately to her side and place his paws on her knees, his tail wagging, and lick her hand.  He’s always been a sweet dog, and he never does seem to like anyone around him to be unhappy.

My father, youngest brother, Echo, and I left last night, having to head back to work and school and life earlier than we would really like, hugging my grandmother goodbye and damn-near praying it won’t be for the last time.

The Looming Pit of Despair

I’ve been trying really hard during this crisis to be proactive and take this thing head-on.  I’ve remained determinedly optimistic, which is very unlike me, and pressed onward because Echo needs me, right now.  I’ve taken action, I’ve begun practicing the art of asking, and I’ve even applied for grants and financial aid of every kind to get my dog closer to the surgery he needs.

Now that I’ve reached the limit of what I can do alone, however, I can feel that looming pit of despair creeping up on me.  I can feel the panic and the desperation wearing on me and the optimism is eating up all of my energy.  I don’t know what else to do and everything’s moving so slowly that I already feel as though the fundraising movement has failed – or will fail.  I’m tired all the damn time and watching my dog’s discomfort just makes the whole situation about a hundred times worse.

Since I’ve done all that I can do – applied for all of the online grants I could find for which I qualified, printed 100 fliers at work (because I don’t even have enough money to print them myself) with all of his fundraiser information on them, hung up all 100 fliers around the busiest ares I know of, emailed everyone I know to donate to or share the fundraiser, spammed Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook with the link and our story, pulled everything from my closet and room that’s in good shape to sell on eBay, and even started making scarves to sell on Etsy (though I’ve given up on that as it takes too long and they’re looking like shit)… I literally don’t know what else to do.

I’ve hit the depression wall that’s been looming in front of me ever since I found out he’d need surgery that would cost this much money… I mean, I make barely enough to pay for our food every month. Often times, I have to choose between feeding me for the week or feeding my dog (obviously the dog wins… he doesn’t understand budget concerns).  How the fuck am I supposed to pay for a surgical procedure?

Honestly, it’s the reason I considered giving him up when I first returned to school… I didn’t know if I could afford to take care of him.  Now, I just wonder what the fuck?  It’s fucking ridiculous that I should even have to consider something like this when my vet specifically told me that the reason he even has stones in his bladder is because of the way that dog food is fucking made.  After this, I literally have to make his food every day to prevent it from happening again because the dog-food industry produces food with obscure things like ASH in the food and doesn’t give a fuck who it hurts in the process.  Why exactly aren’t they held liable for this shit?  And why exactly, when these kinds of short-cut practices around this country are cutting jobs, short-changing workers, and raising the prices of their goods all at the same time, why aren’t these bastards covering my dog’s procedure instead?  If there was any fucking justice in the world, Purina would be paying for this… rather than leaving me sitting here to panic about how to raise enough money for his surgery before his condition puts him in so much pain that it would be more humane to just kill him.

And that injustice – that pit of despair – there it is.  I can see it now.

Echo is a loving, energetic Shih Tzu who loves chasing tennis balls and he needs surgery ASAP!

A photo taken during our trip home in August.
This is Echo.  He has a pair of stones in his bladder & they will continue causing pain and bleeding until they are surgically removed.  I’m a student with no money, and after spending my entire $1200 tax return on diagnostic testing and treatments that didn’t pan out, I’m out of options. The surgery is going to cost $3000, and I desperately need your help to raise this money.  Please, help if you can. Any amount at all would be greatly appreciated.  If you can’t afford to donate, please spread the word so that those who can donate will hear Echo’s story.
Thank you and I hope you have the loveliest Sunday.  ♥