How the Religious Right Stole Christmas

How the Religious Right Stole Christmas

Every holiday season, Christian conservatives moan about a “war on Christmas.” Not surprisingly, this is tied to massive fundraising campaigns.

This is hilarious considering the Christians stole this holiday from the Pagans to begin with.  😉


Disgusting Christian Propaganda

First of all, what happened to their supposedly all-powerful ‘god’? Really? A simple prohibition, which doesn’t actually exist since any student is permitted to pray whenever they like, can keep him from protecting his children from these atrocities? You can’t have much real faith in your god if you believe that bullshit. Really now.

Second, the religious nut-job(s) responsible for this design should be ashamed of themselves for using the tragedies of others to make a profit. However, anyone who’s been paying attention to religious institutions and their representatives in the recent years alone is likely to be unsurprised by this filthy enterprise. We all know that the things religious nuts tell us all we should feel guilty for or that we’re going to hell for doing are all perfectly acceptable if the religious asshole, themself, participates. Apparently, they’re just not allowed to watch.

I forgot precisely how much the Christian religion disgusted me until I saw this shirt. Thanks for that reminder, bigoted t-shirt creator. Around this time of year, in particular, I needed it.
*Edit: Oh, I apparently need to clarify since kids aren’t permitted to pray out loud in class while their instructor is giving a lesson. Pointless, really, but I guess I should point out that I’m not allowed to open my mouth as a pagan in class either unless it somehow contributes to the lesson being given. Any Christian disagreeing with this prohibition is just spitting out egotistical, self-important, and self-righteous prattle to say that their individualistic prayers are somehow more important than the knowledge being imparted to the REST OF THE CLASS AS A WHOLE.