The Countdown Resumes

When I first decided to quit my job, and go back to school to finish my college education, I began a countdown. It was in days, and I believe it started somewhere around day 71, though I could be wrong. This was a journaling countdown, written in every detail, and included things like what I was looking forward to, what I was worried about, and how I could barely stand to work my job from one day to the next for those remaining 70 days and counting. Now I am resuming that countdown.

I took a fulltime temporary position in my accounting office over the summer, thinking that I quite liked the job as well as my coworkers so that would probably be better than having to hunt down a second job, and I’m sure I was right on that point. However, working in this place fulltime has done nothing so much as remind me why I quit work to return to school in the first place. I cannot do this for much longer.

So I’m resuming my countdown: including today I have 15 days left until my vacation home, after which I return to fulltime classes, and my final semester at this school before transferring to one of the four year universities I have in mind. It might sound melodramatic, but I cannot take much more of this. The politics, the bitchiness, the laziness and resulting delegations of other people’s work…this is exactly why I left office work in the beginning. I’m done. This is not what I’m going to do with my life. I will make a living doing what I love; whatever it takes, I will.

15 days and counting!


Remaining Tasks

Well, for better or worse, the semester is over.  I am pretty sure I did not pass one of my classes (due to my scene-partner quitting on me at a point in the semester that I could no longer replace her, essentially screwing me over), but I’m hoping I’m fine with the other three.  I’m hoping.  I really struggled this semester.

Now, I have a few things left to do.  First, I might possibly have to attend Jury Duty tomorrow, though I’ll be honest I hope I won’t.  At first, I was really excited about it, right?  I’ve never done it before, and it would be nice to see how the process works.  The problems?  I’m a student, short on cash, at the very end of my semester before my extra hours at work kick in, without a car, and the summons are in a city that will take me about 3 hours to get to via public transportation and cost me over $50.  They do not list any options for me, and the lady I spoke to about these issues over the phone essentially told me that it’s my problem.  Now, one, I cannot afford this.  If I go, I won’t have money for food until the end of the month.  That’s only a week away, sure, but you try not eating for a week and tell me how you fair.  And, two, I have now been placed on what is called ‘telephone standby,’ which means that I might not have to go, but if I do end up being summoned I may have to arrive in under two hours.  So now, if I’m summoned, I will likely have to call a taxi, which will cost me even more.  Should be interesting as I don’t have any more money in my account, at the moment.  I’m really hoping I’m not called, at this point.

Next, I have less than a week now to pack up my entire room, sell what I can, donate what I cannot, and move it all out of this place before June 1st.  All this while working a now full-time schedule at my job, and training for a new position in my accounting office, for which most people have to attend school for two to four years.  My mind is so bogged down with plans, details, worries, and hopes that I’m really just trying to cross my fingers that everything works out better than I can even imagine because I’ve had enough of set-backs and struggles this month.  I need a break, and I think I’ve earned one… right?  It can only get better from here.

So… the adventure begins?  Sure.

If you’ve made it this far, I apologize for the personal things I’ve been posting lately.  The writing and acting posts will resume after these irregularly occurring events.  As always, thank you for reading, and have a lovely day.  ^-^

To Act or Not To Act

This has been my recent consideration: do I continue to pursue acting the way that I had planned, or do I get a more reasonable degree and just act in my spare time.  I have to consider this quite logically, even though the reasoning might not be all that logical.


  • I love acting.
  • Acting makes me happy when I have good partners.
  • I have never felt more fulfilled in my life, except when working toward figure skating goals.
  • Theatre holds people who understand me, who I understand, and with whom I mesh quite well.


  • Some of the worst people in my life have come from acting.
  • Some of the worst betrayals I’ve experienced have been as a result of these above individuals.
  • It’s a lot of work (not that I entirely mind that, just that you don’t get paid for most of said work).
  • It’s a lot of time.
  • I’m not likely to make a lot of money doing it, barring extreme circumstances.

The reason I’m making these lists:

I’m currently still debating between two focuses for my major in college: Theatre Arts and Creative Writing.  I love both, I’m not sure I can decide between them.  However, I recently considered the possibility of getting a minor in Accounting.  Would it be completely impossible to double-major, as well as minor?  Also, if I go to school for Creative Writing with a minor in Accounting, would I still be able to attend a master’s program in acting across the pond, or would that be out of the question if my major and minor were no longer theatre-related?

These are all things I’m currently considering…and I don’t currently have any answers, yet.  Finals are accosting me, and I have less than two weeks to pack up an entire room, donate what I no longer need and what won’t fit in my new place, and move.  My body has about had it, I’m mentally exhausted and have been for months.  I need some time and space to think, and don’t know when I’ll get it.

Apologies to anyone who has read this expecting some kind of semblance of sanity, or a reasonable conclusion, I can currently offer you neither.  However, I am hoping that someone may be able to offer me one or other of the above listed endings that I may at least consider them.

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day.